Seeking And Serving Justice
In Curry and Roosevelt County

Welcome To The Official Website Of The Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office located in Clovis and Portales, New Mexico

Meet District Attorney Andrea Reeb and Learn More About Our Office.

Andrea Reeb is the Ninth Judicial District Attorney and is dedicated to seeking and serving justice in Curry and Roosevelt County. Backed by a team of professional Assistant District Attorney’s, support staff, and highly experienced investigators, the Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office is on a mission to make our community a safe haven for those looking to live their life in peace.

A Team Dedicated To you

A Team Dedicated To Justice

The Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office is comprised of a winning team of Attorney’s and world class support staff who are dedicated to seeking and serving justice in Curry and Roosevelt County. From highly experienced investigators to knowledgeable Victim Advocates, the Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to serving justice in our community.

Our Mission:

Seek Justice. Serve Justice. Do Justice.

The mission of the Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office is to proactively protect the public while bringing justice to the victims of crimes and seeking to punish those that choose to victimize others.

Meet The Ninth Judicial District Attorney's Office

Leadership Team

Andrea Reeb

District Attorney

Brian Stover

Chief Deputy District Attorney

Jake Boazman

Deputy District Attorney

Quentin Ray

Deputy District Attorney - Portales Office

The Judicial Process

We're Here To Help every step of the way

The judicial process can be daunting for victims of crime and our office is here to help you through every step.


The Beginning Of Your Case and your journey

At the beginning, our office will receive your case once the report is filed by the arresting officer. The defendant may, or may not be in custody. It is vital for us to have good contact information for you.


Meet Your Support and Prosecution Team

Some cases may require a Victim Advocate to be assigned to your case. They will help you in navigating the system while the prosecutor prepares the legal components of your case.


The Fight For you and Justice

Our goal is to bring you justice while holding those accountable who choose to victimize. When the wheels of justice move slowly, the silent professionals in our office move methodically and with purpose to bring you the justice you deserve.

Advocating For
Victim Rights

Learn more about our Victim Advocate Program, what crimes qualify for a victim advocate to be assigned to your case, and how they can help you navigate the system.

The Resources and Support You Deserve

Learn more about the resources available to support you through your journey

Recent Convictions

Justice Served.


Portales, NM – Ninth Judicial District Attorney, Andrea Reeb, announced that on October 4, 2021, Jonathan Mendez, age 20, of Portales, was convicted of Murder

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