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Our Mission

Proactively Working To

the public

The mission of the Ninth Judicial District Attorney is to proactively protect the public. Bring justice to the victims of crimes while seeking to punish those that choose to victimize others. Ultimately making our district a safe-haven for those that choose to live their lives in our beloved communities.

This is How We Help

Going Straight To The Source

Lady Justice

Internal Programs Focused On Preventing Crime At The Source

The Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office deploys strategies and internal programs that address the issue of crime at the source.

From our “Watch For Squatch” program that addressed truancy to our “Break The Cycle” program that works to prevent the cycle of domestic abuse, the Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s office is on the front lines working to make our community a safer place to live. 


Supporting Those Who Need It Most

Supporting victims of crime is a huge priority of the Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office. Our advocate program is second to none.

“Protecting the public, upholding the rule of law, and respecting constitutional rights is our #1 priority.”

– Quentin Ray Ninth Judicial District Attorney